Love Success


That’s right. It’s transformation Tuesday, so this week I am going to share Dan’s journey so far. He has been at it for 13 weeks now. (The pictures will be 12 though) As of last week he was down 24 lbs and 9 inches!!

Love the success that he is having. It makes me so proud of him! Dan has tried weight watchers, no carb diets, medi weight loss and other styles of help before in the past and after 12 weeks has been no where near as successful. Let alone how GREAT he feels. Daily he¬†reminds me that he never enjoyed the food on any other “diet” as he enjoys the way we eat now. He has never come close to the energy either. Dan works around 11 hours a day as a Restaurant GM , and yes, he has plenty of energy each day to get his wokout in too.

How, you ask?

Shakeology and Les Mill Pump. We also try to eat as many whole foods as possible, but remember folks, we are humans too. Most of his weightloss did take place during the holiday season too!

Does this sound like something you want to try? Let’s chat then. Right now I have a great deal going on. To the first 5 people who sign up for my next challenge group you will receive a $ 15 Visa Giftcard. Not only do you get between $20-40 off your merchandise, but I am throwing in a gift too. ūüôā Why? Because I want nothing more for you than to have the energy and to feel as great as Dan does.

Challenge packs include your workout, Shakeology, an accountability group and me as your Coach. Need motivation, accountability, support and that push…Then a challenge group is for you!!

Why wait….The sooner you start, the better you’ll feel.




The results are in!!

12 weeks

Many of you know I have spent the last 12 weeks very dedicated to drinking Shakeology daily and working out to Les Mills Pump. I have also added in a few spin classes and running days as well. Well, yesterday marked the end of the 12 weeks. The program of course can be used for ever, but I committed to starting with 12 weeks and taking it from there.

Since I already know I LOVE pump, I figured I would try something new next. I will definitely be incorporating pump in my workouts, but I want to go outside my comfort zone.

The truth is, if it challenges you then it changes you. So it’s time for a new challenge for my body. I will still be drinking my Shakeology, I mean honestly, I will NEVER give that up. Dan and I have both agreed that as long as we can get our hands on the shakes we will be drinking them! We sure haven’t spent any more money by drinking them. We actually have saved! So why would we stop ūüėČ

As for my workout, the next program we will be adding to the mix is Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire! I am SO pumped for this!

But first, we will be starting the Ultimate Reset on Monday the 4th. The Ultimate Reset is an all natural body detox and cleanse. It is not harsh, has no chemicals and is a no starvation detox!

So here are some before and afters of the 12 week program. My final weight loss was 14 lbs and 11.5 inches!


Thank you all for your support and encouragement in these last weeks. I am blessed to have all of you in my life.



Pay it Forward

Many people all the time ask “What made me decide to start coaching?” or “Why beachbody?”

For a while, I was giving answers that seemed correct- I like to help people, I enjoy teaching people about healtheir eating options, I love working out, I love sharing workout tips, ect.

Then today I read a fantastic blurb in Chalene Johnson’s book Push. Which by the way I HIGHLY reccommend to anyone. It is totally worth every penny it costs. It is great for anyone. Not just those wanting to become healthier. It teaches you keys to priorities and organization.¬† While reading the paragraph in the book a little bell went off in my head and said, that’s it, that sums it all up . Why I coach.

Pay it Forward

“Have you ever noticed when you’re watching one of the recovery addiction programs that the counselors tend to be recovering addicts themselves? Weight-loss coaches are often successfully healthy people who are now teaching others how to master their own weight. Placing yourself in the role of a teacher, mentor or coach places a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders. It forces you to be accountable”

Yep, that’s it. In a nutshell. It keeps me accountable while doing what I love-helping others.

Why beachbody? Well, I truly believe in the company. I believe in all the products. I have seen success in myself, Dan and many other friends. I know beachbody is true to their commitment and core purpose¬†of ” Helping people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life.”

I know in myself a few months ago I had no hope to lose the last of my “baby weight” and when I say baby weight I mean the 65lbs I gained during pregnancy. I had hit a plateau. I was working out at the gym daily and seeing no¬†results. I was tired. I felt awful and really needed a change. So when i heard about Shakeology and beachbody workouts I jumped in full steam ahead.¬† By eating clean, whole foods (most of the time) drinking Shakeology (one a day) and working out to Les Mills Pump and Cardio. I have dropped ALL my baby weight. I have energy that I have NEVER had. (and yes i have a 2 year old) and honestly life couldn’t be better.

So I coach to help. I want to help others like myself. Others like my husband.¬† ( he’s lost 22 lbs in¬†12 weeks)

I want to inspire, motivate and help everyone I know feel great and have the energy that they deserve.

So tell me…How will you pay it forward?


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Cheez-Its and Granola Bars


I’ve been testing out some different cheez-it recipes and finally, with the help of Pinterest, changing out the flours and leaving out the red pepper flakes (since only Laila eats them) found one that is perfect for us.   They really are flaky and crispy just like the real deal.

Another recipe we have used before was off of  They are a little more dense and less flaky.

Even though they are homemade and not processed, that does not mean they are ‚Äúhealthy‚ÄĚ They really have no nutritional value other than a tiny bit of calcium. They are more for convenience! ¬†So remember, Moderation!


The next thing I made today was Granola Bars. I have also tried out numerous granola bar recipes and today went out on a limb and made some on my own! whoo hoo. With a little inspiration from If you have not checked out her website please do. She also will have more detailed intructions for you!

Granola Bars:

1/2 cup all natural peanut butter

1/2 cup honey

Warm those up in a sauce pan over medium heat. They will become very thin.

Add to the honey/ peanut butter mixture

2 cups oats

1 cup cheerios ( I used natural path organic o’s found at earthfare)

3/4 cup flax seed

3/4 cup of unsalted sunflower seeds

Mix them all till they are in a big ball and everything is stuck together.

Then press flat in a 9×13 pan or even smaller pan, to make thicker.

I put cranberries and raisins on top, but you can add any fruit or chocolate chips if you’d like.

Let cool completely.( I let mine sit in the pan for about 6 hours before cutting them into squares.) Store in sealed container in fridge for 3-5 days. Or freeze them individually and pull out when desired.




Tis’ the Season

Last night I had a GNO¬†with a few great girlfriends here in AVL. We sorta spoiled ourselves with a great dinner at Bouchon’s¬†and then an even better dessert and coffee at Old Europe. Such a blast and so many laughs that I figured I could skip my ab workout today ūüėČ Like I mentioned in another post to always find something to be thankful no matter what month-I am so thankful for my great friendships we have here in AVL with and without Laila around ūüėČ

Dinner did bring up a few discussions though about the holidays. We started talking about the subject of Christmas and Santa. It was pretty interesting to hear all of our points of views of how we will raise our kids and under what terms Santa will play a role.

I know growing up Santa was HUGE in our house. I remember one year Santa left a whole extra bag of presents on the roof, and my gosh if we did not leave him cookies, he might not come back;)

I know for us, Santa will be a figure of Christmas, always, until they stop believing. I will say I don’t want that to be the “meaning” of Christmas, though! I want my children to understand it is Christ’s birthday! That instead of balloons and streamers(at least in our decorations) we do lights, stars, garland and angels. I want them to see a Nativity scene and be able to name each person. I want them to understand that gifts are not what make Christmas.

I also want them to realize Christmas is a time of year to be generous. Whether you do Operation Christmas Child, you sponsor a family/child at Christmas, you feed the needy, you do kind generous acts to randomness, ect. I want their to be a greater purpose!

So, what are you going to do each holiday with your kids? What traditions do you plan to start/have? I’d love to hear from you!

To always be thankful…

The month of November always brings out the best in everybody. You start to see their sweet, loving posts each day of what they are thankful for. I admit, I started doing it too. Then I got busy, distracted and maybe just forgot a few days to get on social media and post what I am thankful for. It’s not at all that I am not more than thankful for everything in my life. It’s more that I am more than thankful¬†to always be so busy¬†in my life, that I accidentally forgot to keep up with my posts ūüôā

Year 2012 has been a little bit on the rough side for us Giroux’s. To say the least, we are THANKFUL it is almost over! I am thinking of starting the new year countdown now, just to move on! In spite, of how rough the year may have been I have WAY MORE things to be thankful for. I just need to remind myself daily

I am thankful for-God, my amazing husband, my precious little girl, my crazy dog, my husband’s job that provides for me to be a sahm, freedom in a great country, friends we have made in Asheville, great friends we have everywhere, my best friends,¬†my strong¬†cancer fighting best friend Meg,¬†amazing family, a great mother-in-law (not all can say that!) good health, an awesome Church group, fantastic MOP’s program, My beautiful niece, Caitlyn¬†who was born in 2012, my other beautiful niece, Abigail(just because)¬†my soon to be sister-in-law Caroline( in LIKE 2 WEEKS!)

Those are just a few, the longer I have to sit here the more I could write!

So yes, be thankful in the month of November. But more importantly, I challenge you to be thankful all year-long. To not let a day go by without naming at least one thing you are thankful for.

We will be practicing this with Laila. I want her to realize the importance of the little and big things that occur each day. I want her to be thankful for the heat and the clean water we drink, but also to be thankful for the food and her family.

Friends and Family,  I truly am so thankful for you all. I wish you the best Thanksgiving and wish we could celebrate with each one of you!

Happy Turkey Day!

The Giroux’s

Btw-What is your biggest Thanksgiving day tradition that you hope to pass along to your kids and so on?

Mine- By far, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! My mother and I watched it every year and I have never missed one! Tomorrow morning and every Thanksgiving, just look on the couch to find Laila and me!

Thankful to be getting fit again!

Anyone else feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching us much faster than normal? Maybe it’s because my time has been very occupied lately by strict workout schedules, clean meal planning and of course family time, but these first 3 weeks of our new healthy lifestyle has flown by!

Yesterday was week 3 of weigh-in! And it was GREAT! Dan has dropped about 12 lbs and I have dropped 6!Plus, multiple inches, but I will save those updates for the 30 days:)  WHOO HOO! Now, before some of you start to think wow that is not much at all, please remember we are doing this the best way possible! We are using only NATURAL products! No chemicals and we have eliminated everything processed from our daily diet! It has been a major challenge, but the increased energy and how much healthy we feel already has definitely been a greater reward!

Some of you have heard me mention our new-found love a few times now. Shakeology! Man, this stuff is soooo tasty! I seriously wake up every day craving it and have to hold off until the time I have alloted for it to meal replace:) Shakeology is an all natural shake that comes in so many flavors.So healthy and all natural that yes, even Laila drinks it and LOVES it!  Right now we have a bag of chocolate. We have mixed it with bananas, strawberries, raspberries, peanut butter and also coffee! I have not been disappointed yet. Plus, it really does keep us full for hours! So good that with Thanksgiving fastly approaching I need to definitely add that I am thankful for Shakeology to my list!

Well now off to continue getting ready for Turkey Day! We are hosting here at the Giroux’s¬†for the first time! We have Keith, Caroline( sister-in-law¬†in as of 2 weeks!!) Jackson, Miss, Derek, Caitlyn and¬†my MIL¬†all coming to visit us this holiday and we are so looking forward to it!

Happy, healthy eating!


Loving her shakeology so much she dips her banana bread in it!